Easter weekend

As Maggie calls him, "Little Man!"

Mom feeding Jacky.

They turned the playhouse into their "Mystery Club"...no boys allowed. If only she'd keep that rule until she turns 25!

We curled hair and ended up with these lovely do's. :)

We ventured down to DeRidder for Easter. Dad and Jason played 46 holes of golf in less than 24 hours. The girls and Mom and I went to Leesville to watch the Hannah Montana movie. It was really cute. Here are a few pictures from this weekend. I'll have more formal pics when my husband decides to get them off of his camera.

I must say that Abby was quite impressed with the Easter Bunny and the fact that he/she knew that she and Maggie like Ring Pops. :)

It's been a while...

I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. Jack's tube surgery went well, but he seemed to need about a week to get over it all. We go back for a recheck today. I pray that he will not require anymore surgeries.
Maggie has a friend over this morning and they are having all sorts of discussions from art to hairstyles. They are quite funny.
We had a pretty good weekend. The girls and I managed to do a little shopping on Saturday evening and we even got to have dinner with just us girls. They were thrilled! I plan to do this more often...much to Jason's dismay. :)
We are gearing up for a very busy time of year...softball begins in a few weeks and this year, Abby is moving to the pitching machine. Jason has practiced with her twice and she hasn't been able to hit the ball. I guess she has forgotten her "skillz" since last spring. Hopefully, they will return to her.
My Mom leaves for Italy next Saturday. I am so jealous. I could really use a vacation. I know she will enjoy it and she so deserves the break! I always get a good souvie though! :)
I guess that is about it...

Tubes tomorrow...

Jack is getting tubes tomorrow. We went for pre-op appointments today and he has bilateral ear infections right now. He has been a bit fussy the past two days, but I don't know whether to attribute this to the ears, to being out of town, to being spoiled by grandparents, to teething, or all of the above! :) Anyway, we'll be at GCSH at 6:30 in the morning and we are prayerful that all will go well.

This site is fabu if you love crockpot recipes like I do. I love #5 and #21...


We've had a busy week this week. Evangelist, Lyndon Longoria, has been here in revival at our church. We have truly been blessed by his words. Needless to say, with all the extras going on, I've ended up with an allergy/sinus attack. I got a shot today and I am hoping it will knock it out. Anyhoo, Jack is getting his tubes next Wednesday, so we are squeezing in a quick trip to the parentals' in DeRidder this weekend. We will have the opportunity to lead their youth in worship on Sunday night, so I definitely need to get better! :)

An emotional boy...

I found out he wasn't too fond of the "mmm!" sound when I was giving him his lunch today. Of course, I had to have some fun with it.


I'm a big boy now...

Hey you!

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