It's been a while...

I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. Jack's tube surgery went well, but he seemed to need about a week to get over it all. We go back for a recheck today. I pray that he will not require anymore surgeries.
Maggie has a friend over this morning and they are having all sorts of discussions from art to hairstyles. They are quite funny.
We had a pretty good weekend. The girls and I managed to do a little shopping on Saturday evening and we even got to have dinner with just us girls. They were thrilled! I plan to do this more often...much to Jason's dismay. :)
We are gearing up for a very busy time of year...softball begins in a few weeks and this year, Abby is moving to the pitching machine. Jason has practiced with her twice and she hasn't been able to hit the ball. I guess she has forgotten her "skillz" since last spring. Hopefully, they will return to her.
My Mom leaves for Italy next Saturday. I am so jealous. I could really use a vacation. I know she will enjoy it and she so deserves the break! I always get a good souvie though! :)
I guess that is about it...

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